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Since 1994, Jen Ticsay has been training dogs throughout West Denver and the Denver Metro area using kindness, positive reinforcement, and a focus on behavior modification that involves all members of the family.  Approaching each dog as an individual, Jen is a skilled professional who makes training fun and personal, combining formal education, practical experience, and continued motivation to provide pet owners the knowledge they need to live harmoniously with their canine companions.

Watch Jen's Video "Teaching a Dog to Accept Vet Handling"
Just as a parent wouldn’t think of not sending their children to school, your puppy will need instruction to become a well-mannered, well-behaved adult dog.

  It’s never too late to make your dog more reliable and improve its standing in the home. Whether you’ve recently adopted an adult dog, or you’ve outgrown your puppy’s immature behaviors, our instruction can help your dog become a better family citizen.

  We offer practical solutions to dog behavior problems with one-on-one instruction in your home, allowing every member of the family to participate in the solution to your dog's behavioral problems.


Dances with Woofs Dog Training
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