Dances with Woofs Dog Training
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Jen Ticsay, owner and founder of Dances with Woofs, earned her Psychology and Sociology degree from Purdue University, where she directed her studies towards the animal behavior field. Included in her coursework was the study of Ethology (the study of animal behavior in relation to habitat and biology), Behavior Modification, and Domestic Animal Behavior.  In addition to her coursework, Jen was a research assistant on an ongoing investigation into wolf behavior at Wolf Park, a North American Wildlife Federation Research Facility. Jen, as a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, is committed to continuing education through seminars and workshops. Her work at Wolf Park, along with her formal education, and her commitment to continuing education has given Jen a complete understanding of the motivational and functional systems of human and non-human animals, an understanding she has - since 1994 - parlayed into a successful career in professional dog training.

Through her continuing education, Jen is skilled in the use of up to date training methods and equipment which include:

  • Lure and Reward Training Method
  • Clicker Training
  • Modification of Unwanted Behavior

These methods focus on kindness and positive reinforcement, and reflect Jen’s understanding of the ways in which animals learn. Her knowledge of behavior modification allows her to educate dog owners on the importance of building a caring, respectful relationship between themselves and their pets.

Jen is a skilled professional who makes training fun and personal. Using her formal education, practical experience, and continued motivation to educate others on canine behavior, Jen is committed to providing pet owners with the knowledge they need to live harmoniously with their canine companions.


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